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Biochemical Individuality

You are unique!

I am sure you have heard that before as someone compliments your personality, but there's more to your uniqueness than that. Sure, your personality is who you are & how others are attracted to you, but have you ever thought about your uniqueness on a much deeper level, such as when it comes to your health? Your skin, DNA, genes, food allergies, & the list goes on, are all unique & individual to YOU! We call this your "Biochemical Individuality".

There is only one you & when we look at diets & exercise, what your friend or sister did to lose weight & get healthy is probably not going to work for you. Are you the person who follows all of the fitness & nutrition "experts" & what their blogs have to say? Are you constantly trying out new diets & exercise programs only to still be struggling with weightloss & other health conditions? It's time to stop following fad diets & ever-changing-trendy-exercise programs & start to realize that you have unique lifestyle, nutritional, & environmental needs.

With proper lab testing to quantify what is going on in your body, we are able to address your specific lifestyle, nutritional, & environmental needs so that you are able to live life to your fullest potential! It is absolutely vital that you follow a program that is specific & individualized to YOUR needs, not a "1-size-fits-all" plan. Following a plan that is unique to you is critical when it comes to your health. We look at the whole person, whole body, all at once & address your systems, not your symptoms.

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