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Being Held Accountable

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

When is the last time you set a goal and completely crushed it? Did you tell anyone about your goal or did you keep it to yourself?

One of the reasons my patients see amazing results and are successful with my program, is because I hold them accountable. I am their partner, coach, and mentor and I am with them every step of the way! When you tell someone else your goal, you are more likely to succeed because of the social expectation. You don't want to let the other person down and you are more motivated when you are being held accountable.

Telling someone your goals and having them hold you accountable is one way to success, but I like to break my goals down into smaller goals or action steps. Write out your goals so that you are constantly being reminded of them. Put your goals someplace where you will see them everyday, for example on your mirror, in your car, or on your refrigerator. Setting reminders on your phone is another way to be alerted of goals that you have. Be consistent! If you have a goal such as taking supplements or drinking a certain amount of water, doing so at the same time everyday will help you remember to keep going with it! Continually review your goals and evaluate where you are. The more you talk about and review your goals, the more motivated you will be and the more aware you are of how much you have accomplished.

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