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Dr. Kayla Schumacher

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be in the healthcare field to truly help people get well + stay well. From a young age, I was introduced to holistic medicine through my chiropractor. There I learned about nutrition, supplementation + wellness. I have a true passion for healing the body + getting people well + I am also kind of a nerd when it comes to health gimmicks-I love to try it all (hello coffee enemas, float tanks, salt caves, foot baths......I could go on!)

After graduating from Chiropractic school, I knew there had to be more than just chiropractic to heal the body. So I started dabbling in functional medicine + was fascinated at the information given from lab testing. Before my husband + I started a family, I did my own blood work + focused on ME to create a healthy environment for future growing babes.  

A few years into functional medicine I discovered the Balance Protocol™* framework + I have never looked back! Balance Protocol™* gives you the tools + information necessary to achieve your highest level of health possible from an all-systems approach. 

It is now my mission to help women in their health journey-whether that be starting a family, postpartum or in the thick of motherhood. I will help you get to the root cause of your issues by implementing a healthy lifestyle design, personalized nutrition, hormone balancing, resolving immune dysfunction + hidden infectious diseases, extensive lab testing, detoxification + preventative medicine-all while showing you that getting healthy + STAYING healthy is worth it! This approach is not only applicable to you, but your precious family too!

I was born + raised in Iowa + currently live in Minnesota with my husband Ben + our 3 boys; Cooper, Griffin + Bowden. We enjoy football games (Go Gophers!), John Deere gator rides, our wonderful neighbors, being outside + playing with cousins + grandparents!

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